For over 35 years, Steve Mahoney has been dedicated to public service, and to serving the people of Mississauga.

His public service began with nearly a decade on city council, where Mahoney chaired the city’s key Planning Committee during years of high development for Mississauga, and also served as chair of Peel Non-Profit Housing (now Peel Living.)

In 1987, the people of Mississauga West sent him to Queen’s Park as their Member of Provincial Parliament, where Mahoney would serve as Small Business Advocate and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Technology and Trade, working to encourage youth and woman entrepreneurship in cities like Mississauga.

After two terms as an MPP, the people of Mississauga West sent Mahoney to Ottawa as their Member of Parliament in 1997, where he would serve on the Immigration and Public Accounts committees before being appointed to cabinet by Prime Minister Jean Chretien in 2003.

As Secretary of State he was responsible for several key crown corporations, including the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Canada Post, Canada Lands, the Royal Canadian Mint and the Old Port of Montreal. A real passion for Mahoney though was affordable housing, and he helped to shape the government’s national affordable housing strategy and worked to gain support from provinces and other stakeholders.

After leaving government, in 2006 Mahoney was appointed by the Premier of Ontario to chair the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. At WSIB, he worked to call attention to issues of workplace safety, and built consensus with employer and employee groups to ensure injured workers and their families received fair and accessible compensation and rehabilitation.

In 2012, Mahoney was named president and CEO of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada, which works to provide trusted and independent scientific information about radiation safety in Canada.

Steve Mahoney and his wife Katie moved to Mississauga in 1969, and have been married for 44 years. Their three children and six grandchildren were all born in Mississauga, and they’re proud to call this great city home.

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